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Whether you are in New Hampshire or southern Maine, 

New England Home Spek 

can help give you peace of mind knowing that you will receive a honest comprehensive and thorough inspection from a licensed experienced professional


Radon Testing



The EPA estimates that radon causes 

thousandsof cancer deaths in the U.S. 

each year! Schedule your Radon test Today!

EPA Resource Link about Radon

Why do I need A Home Inspection?


Most inspections occur before a home is sold in order to reveal any issues that might become problems for the buyer

The seller may also choose to have a home inspection done prior to listing a property in order to try and discover any unpleasant surprises before the Real Estate sale negotiations

During the inspection, you will learn how your future home operates and possibly 

uncover any current problems with the property

A home inspection will typically include a walk-through of the house and exterior of the house and property, during which the condition of house and the property is closely inspected and Analyzed, any defects are noted, and recommendations are made in the final report